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Moving with Meaning!

Moving with Meaning is a company with four brands dedicated to fostering emotional resilience founded by the highly acclaimed fantasy author Krystal B. Clark. The four brands consist of Krystal as an author, blogger, podcaster, and life coach.


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If you’re looking for life coaching services, then you’re at the right place! Krystal B. Clark offers transformative life coaching services. All you need is to book a slot today. Moreover, you can also check out Krystal’s YouTube channel!

Not only that, Krystal also has a podcast called ‘Moving with Meaning-The Podcast’ in which she talks about plenty of topics. You can listen to her podcast on YouTube, Spotify, and other applications.

Krystal helps individuals:

  • As an author - through her creative literature.
  • As a Blogger - Sharing the day in the life events, thoughts, and memories, that trigger inspiration
  • As a Podcaster - Auditory platform for listeners to learn more in-depth about her personality, and lived experiences and meet others with similar stories
  • As a Life Coach - Offering her expertise in the corporate arena as a career and mental health coach to help her clients Flourish in the Mind and Thrive in their Careers!

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How Creativity Is Unleashed!

Crafting an epic fantasy story and embedding valuable life lessons within its plot, characters, and events is both captivating and demanding. Can you identify the sources of inspiration for Krystal as a fantasy author?

Motivational content


Krystal’s writing evolves as she blends different styles of literature to provoke reflection on our own prejudices. She believes that true change begins with introspection.

Creative storytelling


During her college years, Krystal discovered her knack and enthusiasm for both writing and speaking. Despite life's twists and turns, she now feels that she is at the peak of my literary journey.

Crafting worlds in literature

Unique Writing Style

Krystal specializes in the fantasy genre because it offers her the freedom to craft worlds where she can forge deep emotional bonds with characters and delve into the realms of the impossible. Additionally, she also explores memoirs, using personal experiences to learn valuable lessons.

The Writing Process


Krystal finds that treating story building like a research paper is the most effective approach for her, as creating an outline serves as the starting point for the journey of storytelling.


Indeed, just like in any research paper, thorough research is mandatory. While Fantasy allows Krystal to push the boundaries of scientific understanding, she still relies on established facts in areas such as art, trades, and politics to ground her storytelling in reality.

Draft, Revise, Repeat

Once she has mapped out the flow of her story, she begins the first draft with some fleshing-out. Then, she embarks on a process of revision, revisiting and refining repeatedly until the story feels just right.


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